Glassware Storage Boxes & Crates

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“reviewBody”: “I ordered storage boxes for champagne flutes. My flutes were bigger than standard so I needed boxes tall enough to fit a 170ml flute and they were able to provide them. Great company will be ordering again.”

Glassware Storage Boxes & Crates

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We stock a wide range of glassware storage items for both commercial and residential customers throughout the UK. Our products come in a range of sizes to suit different requirements.

Catering Products Direct can provide both boxes and crates. You can place your order online or by contacting our customer service team - directly by phone or by sending an email to

If you want to know if your chosen glassware storage item is the right size, you can use our dedicated measuring tool. Enter the height and width of your glass product and click the submit button.

You will be directed to a page that recommends a storage item of the appropriate size for your purchase.

The measuring tool is easy to use and you will receive a link to your product within a matter of seconds.

You can order your glassware storage and glass products together. Please make sure that you use our measurement tool to check that your chosen storage items are the right size to avoid delays in getting the right box or crate delivered to your business address.

Alternatively, you can just order the storage items that you need. Browse our range today and get in touch if you have a specific question about any listing on our website.

Visit our Glassware and Glassjacks page to order items together easily.

Our storage boxes and crates can hold any of the glassware products listed on our website - including shot glasses, wine glasses and champagne flutes. You can check that your product is fit for purpose by running the measurements of your glasses through our dedicated online tool to avoid delays in getting the right items to you. Pint glasses, tumblers, wine glasses all have their own storage boxes.

Each of the glassware storage items listed on our website have internal dividers fitted inside to protect your items, The number of cells in each box or crate will vary and depend on your business requirements.

We can take orders for glassware storage items in bulk. You may want to check out our multipack page - as it’s possible to buy in packs of 5 items. If you want to place a large order - and want to know what discounts we can offer - please get in touch by phone or email us using

Anyone is welcome to place orders for glassware storage items via our online ordering service. If you are a domestic customer, and want to buy items for a party or special event, we would love to help you.

We can help commercial customers too - including restaurant owners, catering companies, hoteliers and more.

Placing an online order for glassware storage items on our website is easy. Simply add the items you want to your virtual trolley. When you have finished browsing, visit our Checkout page to preview your order and make a payment.

You can pay for your glassware storage items using a credit or debit card. If you want to pay by BACS, email and we’ll reply with our banking details.

You can also purchase your glassware storage items using a cheque.

We can deliver your Glassjacks products extremely promptly. Once we have received your order - and full payment has been taken - we’ll deliver your items. Expect to receive your glassware and storage items within 3 days.

If your order is urgent, then we would recommend speaking to our customer service team, so that we can try and speed up the delivery time. Please email and we will get back to you.

You can also purchase your glassware storage items using a cheque.

Glass Products operates throughout the UK, so we still be able to deliver to your business address - even if it is based in a remote area. Additional shipping charges may apply, please refer to our dispatch and delivery details.

If you live in hard-to-reach location, it might be worth letting us know, so that we can pass on instructions to the driver delivering your items.

You can return your glassware storage items and get a refund, as long as your products have not been opened. We will also accepts returns and reimburse you in the event that an item is broken or faulty.

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