Chopping Boards

Chopping boards are an essential utensil for any kitchen, whether it be in the home or a busy commercial setting. Kitchen cutting boards are often made of wood or plastic and come in various widths and sizes. Catering Product Direct has a fantastic range of chopping boards to help you cut, chop, dice and slice vegetables, fruit, bread, meat or fish.

We stock chopping boards from Genware, one of the UK’s leading professional catering equipment suppliers. Genware are committed to providing products that are suitable for foodservice professionals. Chopping board sets are a must have for a busy commercial kitchen and highly recommended for use at home to separate raw and cooked food. This is a necessity to avoid any risk of cross contamination.

Genware colour coded cutting boards can help eliminate this risk and comply with the food safety act of 1990 and HACCP food regulation.

chopping boards

Colour coded cutting boards make it easy for you to identify which board is required for each food type, in turn helping to prevent cross contamination of food in your kitchen.

Which Colour Chopping Board Do I Use For Each Food?

• White chopping boards = bakery and dairy products.
• Yellow chopping boards = cooked meat.
• Brown chopping boards = root vegetables.
• Red chopping boards = raw meat.
• Blue chopping boards = raw fish.
• Green chopping boards = salad, fruit and fresh vegetables.

All of Catering Products Direct chopping board sets are supplied with a free colour coded wall chart that will help you identify which board is for which food type and ensure that you or your staff conform with health and safety regulations.

Food can be safely prepared with these non-absorbent and non-toxic chopping boards. The chopping boards are incredibly strong and durable, made from polyethylene. The Plastic chopping boards can be easily washed, cleaned and sanitised.

Keeping the kitchen cutting board mat clean all the time is critical as if it is not thoroughly cleaned, bacteria can breed and spread very quickly. Chopping boards should be thoroughly cleaned every time it is used. If the board is easy to clean, it will save you a lot of trouble.

Whether you are slicing through fruit and vegetables, raw meat, dairy products or fish, our wide variety of chopping board sets will include everything that you will need.

When preparing food, it is essential to create a safe and hygienic cutting platform in your home or if you are a business owner in your commercial kitchen.

Chopping boards

The coloured chopping boards are available to purchase in a variety of sizes and densities to suit your catering requirements.

All of the chopping boards can be purchased individually too, should you want to buy as separates or would like to replace a board at any time.

If you are investing in a set of chopping boards you might like to think about buying a chopping board rack. The racks offer you an ideal solution for storing your chopping boards.

Chopping boards

Racks can be bought individually or as part of a set with chopping boards in both plastic or stainless steel.

Flexible (bendable) chopping boards are thin and are very similar to a mat, but they are extremely durable. Flexible chopping boards can absorb countless cuts and blows caused by kitchen utensils. They can cater to your various needs in the kitchen and are a cheaper option to plastic chopping boards.

Chopping boards

Do You Sell Wooden Chopping Boards?

In addition to plastic boards Catering Products Direct has a selection of beautiful extremely well finished Acacia Wood End Grain chopping boards. Acacia wood is an extremely durable and is the highest quality wood chopping board material. It provides all the benefits of Maple or Walnut, but is much more value for money, which makes it the perfect choice for a chopping board.

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Wooden cutting boards have a good deal of self-healing properties so the cut mark on the wood reseals very quickly. With its porous structure wood has a porous structure with special bacteria-fighting properties that will kill surface bacteria by removing the moisture from the surface.

The Acacia wood boards feature convenient finger grooves for easy carrying. Not only are Acacia boards suitable for chopping and dicing food, they are also ideal for presenting food, for example as part of a buffet display.

Whether you are setting up your kitchen for the first time or need to replace some worn-out items, keeping your kitchen stocked with the proper tools is the first step to a great meal. Investing in these kitchen tools will make cooking an enjoyable and easy activity that you’ll look forward to.

Here at Catering Products Direct, we have a comprehensive range of kitchen utensils and kitchenware. Our collection of Kitchenware & Utensils covers a broad range of essential catering products including cutting boards, mixing bowls, tongs, ladles, colanders, whisks and kitchen scales. These products are developed with chefs and are designed as fit for purpose in a professional kitchen environment.

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