Solid Glassware Storage Crates

Glassware storage crates can revolutionise the way you transport your glasses. If you run a catering company, a bar or pub, or you’re planning an event, then these crates can be incredibly useful.

If your business is busy and you need to transport glass quickly, then doing it safely can often run against that. Too often do accidents happen, leaving dangerous messes and stopping your entire service in its tracks.

However, Glassjacks can help. A part of Catering Products Direct, Glassjacks offer superb glassware storage crates that make safety and efficiency the same. You’ll be able to invest in boxes that suit all kinds of glasses, including champagne flutes, tumblers, and more.

Not only that, but you can transport between 6 and 35 glasses in these crates thanks to their durable dividers. We’re trusted by media companies such as the BBC and ITV too.

solid stacking crates

How Do Glassware Storage Crates Work?

Our glassware storage crates are straightforward to use. When you need to transport several glasses, you can place them inside small sections, created by a set of durable dividers.

The dividers hold the glasses in place, but also let them breathe so the change in pressure doesn’t cause sudden shattering. Because of this, you can move up to 35 glasses at once with our crates safely and securely.

These crates can help you in other ways too. The designs are dishwasher friendly, and durable enough to be suitable for large-scale transportation. As a result, our glassware storage crates can revolutionise your business.

However, you don’t have to run a business to feel the benefits of glassware storage crates. Our designs are just as useful at home too! If you’re having a dinner party, or you simply want to store your glassware safely, then our crates can help.

They’ll even preserve the lifespan of the glass for years longer than they would otherwise! Also, they minimise the risk of glass breaking in the dishwasher from excess heat. That way, you get total protection for your precious glassware.

15 Cells Solid Crate

Our Range of Glassware Storage Crates

With solid crate glassware, you’ll be able to change the way you run your business. If you run a bar or a pub and service is quick, then you can use them to quickly and safely take glasses back into the bar. Then, you can clean them securely in the dishwasher, before reusing them.

Our solid crates come in a variety of sizes depending on what you need, too. That way, we can suit both small and large-scale glassware needs.

For example, we offer glassware storage crates with heights of up to 250mm. That means you can store tall glasses, like champagne flutes, without worrying about rattling.

Also, you can choose dividers that are bespoke to your needs. It’s as easy as following our glass measurement guide, which shows you how to measure your glassware and the dividers you’ll need. You can transport up to 35 glasses in one crate, and our Euro Crates are ideal for large-scale transport too!

Glassware Storage Crates from Catering Products Direct

If you need glassware storage crates, then Catering Products Direct is the ideal choice. Our Glassjacks, solid crates and Euro crates are all robust, durable and use expert design techniques to make them straightforward to use. For example, the crates have soft plastic grips for safer transportation.

Also, we have the trust of leading clients across the media and catering industries. We supply glassware storage crates to television companies like the BBC and ITV, live music venues such as the Roundhouse, and celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay. Go with the trusted name in glassware storage crates for your business.

Glassware Storage Crates Prices

Choose Catering Products Direct and get glassware storage boxes that revolutionise the way you use glass for good.

Explore our full range, book an appointment at our showroom in Southampton, or fill out our online contact form to find out more!

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