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At Catering Products Direct, we supply a wide range of plastic cocktail glasses. With these, you can allow your business to provide the class of glass without the risk, or you can drink enjoy a cocktail night comfortably inside your home. We supply cocktail glasses for several types of drink. That way, you can stock up on tumblers, Martini glasses, margarita glasses and our stunning Hurricane design. Not only that, but our plastic glassware is fully reusable, meaning you can make a sustainable investment.

Catering Products Direct believe a cocktail night shouldn’t need cleaning up. That’s why our plastic cocktail glasses are durable and reusable, suiting businesses and homes alike. If you run a pub or bar, you can use these for your cocktails without worrying about replacing expensive glasses. Alternatively, it ensures that you won’t have to deal with breakages at home either. Work with Catering Products Direct, and you’ll choose a company that provides plastic cocktail glasses to catering, media and celebrity chefs too.

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Why Choose Plastic Cocktail Glasses?

If you run a business, then cocktails are a brilliant way to draw customers. However, giving out classy glassware can be risky. The glasses will inevitably break, so you end up spending more money on replacements. With our plastic glassware though, you can serve up a cocktail in a reusable receptacle that looks just as good as glass. With our range of options, you can serve more unique drinks too. For example, you can purchase cocktail tumblers, ideal for a variety of drinks and mixing as well.

Our plastic cocktail glasses can help you at home, too. If you’re planning on a cocktail night, then you’ll spend half of it worrying if you use glasses. With plastic cocktail glasses, you won’t have to get stressed about glass breaking, and you won’t have to clean up any glass afterwards – although, the cocktails are a different story. Catering Products Direct’s plastic glassware is durable and scratch-resistant as well. That way, you can use it multiple times while getting the same new look, and you can put these glasses in the dishwasher too!

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Can Plastic Cocktail Glasses Go in The Dishwasher?

One of the main benefits of plastic cocktail glasses is their convenience. They are reusable, easy to use, and machine washable. Because of this, you can safely stack them in your dishwasher at the end of an evening, and they’ll come out looking like they did before. To make the clean even more thorough, you can also invest in one of our glass storage boxes! You can get them made-to-measure for margarita glasses, Martini glasses and more, and the crate is dishwasher-safe too so that you can clean them securely.

In a bar or a pub, this also means you can wash your new plastic cocktail glasses quickly. As a result, you’ll have more control of the way you use your glasses, and you could even invest in fewer of them as you’ll be able to use them more quickly. By using a dishwasher, you’ll get a precise, uniform clean across all your glassware. The design has the same shine as an authentic piece of artisan glass, so our Hurricane cocktail glass design will provide a look that oozes class and sophistication.

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Do You Offer Differently Coloured Plastic Cocktail Glasses?

Our plastic cocktail glasses can add colour to any evening. Our full range comes in a whole host of colour options, so you’ll be able to give your guests a unique experience every time. We supply a classic black and white design, but also provide stunning colours across the range. You’ll have the opportunity to do themed cocktail evenings at home, colour code the glassware in your business, or have fun mixing and matching all of our options.

As well as this, you can choose from our full range of plastic cocktail glasses too. Whether you want to serve up Martinis, Margaritas, Pina Colada’s or something more esoteric, we have the receptacles and tumblers you need. Catering Products Direct has spent years working with some of the biggest names in catering, food and even entertainment, offering plastic cocktail glasses that the big names back. Get leading quality for your business or home today with our plastic cocktail glasses!

Do Plastic Cocktail Glasses Look Like Glass?

If you’re worried about the appearance of our plastic cocktail glasses, there is no need to be. Our designs faithfully emulate glassware, without the risk or the fragility. That way, you’ll get the ideal look, but with total convenience and comfort. Not only that, but the design is scratch-resistant and durable. Because of this, you’ll be able to use these plastic cocktail glasses time and time again so that you can make a lasting investment – however you need them.

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Plastic Cocktail Glasses Prices

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