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Have you been searching high and low for affordable catering equipment in Eastleigh or the surrounding area? Contact us to find out how we can help.

Catering Products Direct comprises an experienced and dedicated team of professionals who are ready to help with all of your catering needs.

The quality of the products we supply to our customers throughout Eastleigh means that you will benefit from the best products at a fair price.

Talk to our friendly team to find out about the range of catering equipment we offer to our commercial customers – not just in Eastleigh, but other areas too.

Our Expertise

We have been supplying the best catering equipment to customers in Eastleigh and elsewhere for a very long time. We are part of the Glassjacks family – a recognised and respected leader of glassware storage boxes.

Catering Products Direct was established in 2011 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. We can supply barware, glassware, accessories and much more – so you will never struggle to find the essential items you need.

Our catering equipment is supplied to events companies respected restaurants and venues in Eastleigh and throughout the entire UK. The list below shows just how many recognised household names we already work with.

We’d love to work with your business, too. As the face of the catering industry has changed – to accommodate changing dietary requirements – we have evolved to meet that challenge. Choose us as your preferred supplier in Eastleigh. Contact us today.

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Catering Products of the Highest Quality

Catering Products Direct can act as a one-stop-shop for all of your supply needs and at price your business will be able to afford.

Commercial customers looking for catering equipment in Eastleigh will be able to locate the items they need from our extensive range.

Whether you own a business, or are an individual, we can help. We have items for domestic kitchens and busy front or back of house establishments.

Our approach is always fair and flexible and we can introduce you to a range of more than 5000 products when you buy your catering equipment in Eastleigh from us.

Replacing Your Catering Equipment

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or reviewing your inventory, it’s important that you choose the very best products for your front or back of house.

Finding a reliable catering equipment supplier in Eastleigh is just as important as organising your space efficiently and putting things in the right places.

You will also need to think about frequency of delivery to avoid overstocking. Our team can advise you when you buy catering equipment from us for your Eastleigh business.

Another important consideration will, of course, be safety and workflow. Again, when kitting out your kitchen, you’ll be able to ask our friendly and knowledgeable team for advice.

How Good Is the Catering Equipment You Use for Your Eastleigh Business?

Before purchasing catering equipment for your establishment in Eastleigh, you’ll want to make sure it of the highest standard and will ensure you can produce enough food.

The items that you buy will need to meet existing industry standards and look brand new if you are to continue encouraging customers to visit your premises.

Choosing a reliable catering equipment in Eastleigh is, therefore, essential if you want make the best impression and help your business gain the best local reputation.

As specialists in your sector, we’re perfectly positioned to help you find the right products at the right price – so you’ll be able to speak to us with confidence.

Talk to us if you are setting up your business, expanding or updating. Visit our range of products today to find out more or contact us directly for help and advice.

Always Buy New For Peace Of Mind

It can be tempting to buy your catering equipment in Eastleigh second hand to save money – especially when starting a new business

This approach isn’t recommended. Buying products that show signs of wear and tear won’t create the best impression and will soon need replacing.

Second hand catering equipment could well fail at a busy time, which could end up costing you money – and, in the long term, affect your reputation.

The same rule applies, whether you’re a private or commercial customer looking for affordable catering equipment in Eastleigh or elsewhere in the UK.

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