Cocktail Making Kits

It’s that time of year again when you start wracking your brain to come up with some innovative gift ideas for friends, family and loved ones.

With a growing trend this year for cocktails, mocktails and home bars, why not treat the budding bartender in your life to their very own cocktail making kit?

With time on their hands over the festive period, they can get really creative and mix some tasty flavours and treats.

The greatest thing about cocktails is you can make them yourself! All you need for starters is a good cocktail making kit, a spirit of your choice, whether it be vodka, gin, rum, whiskey or fizz and the rest is entirely up to you!

DIY cocktails can taste just as good as those produced by the professionals when made using one of our cocktail making kits.
The best cocktail making kits will provide you with all the tools, equipment, and accessories required to shake, stir and mix all the cocktail favourites.

The 8 piece Cocktail Making Kit by Beaumont is a fantastic kit to get started with. It comes with its very own handy size tube-shaped gift box that can be kept to store all of the cocktail equipment. A great Christmas stocking filler or birthday surprise!

Beaumont supply professional barware, tools and equipment to the hospitality industry and are the UK’s largest bar accessories supplier.

cocktail making set
The cocktail making kit contains:-

  • 1 x 8½” Plastic Muddler
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Freeflow Pourers
  • 1 x 25/50ml *NGS Professional Cocktail Jigger
  • 1 x 2 Ear Hawthorne Strainer
  • 1 x 28oz Stainless Steel Boston can
  • 1 x 16oz Boston glass
  • 1 x Cocktail Spoon with MasherTop of Form

All of the cocktail-making kit items can be purchased individually within our barware and bar supplies section.

In addition to all of these bar essentials, the cocktail making kit also includes the recipes of 5 cocktail favourites:-


mojito making kit

Originating from Havana in Cuba, this is an ideal cocktail for the summer months. With a spirit base of white rum, mixed with sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint. Reportedly Ernest Hemmingway’s favourite tipple!

Use the cocktail making kit utensils to mix all the ingredients, then serve over ice in a traditional hiball tumbler glass. We have a great range of hiball and tumbler glasses and tall cocktail glasses from our catering quality collection of premium glassware.

Finish off with a couple of bright coloured paper straws; we have a wide variety of bright colours to choose from our drinking straws collection.


best cocktail making kit

Another cocktail from Cuba! Named after a beach and iron mine near Santiago de Cuba, the country’s second largest city. It became popular when introduced to the Army and Navy Club in Washington DC in the early 1900s.

It was reportedly the favourite of American President John F Kennedy!

Once again, this cocktail has a white rum base, with citrus juice and sugar. It’s the perfect happy hour and summertime drink. Serve straight up, no ice in a Martini cocktail glass. Use the 2 Ear Hawthorne Strainer in the cocktail making kit to strain into the glass.


martini making kit

A Mexican cocktail with a mix of Tequila, Cointreau or orange liqueur, lime juice and ice. Take the Boston glass and Stainless Steel Boston can from the cocktail making kit, half fill the glass with ice, add all the ingredients, then cover with the can and vigorously shake! Did you know that Margarita means ‘Daisy’ in Spanish?

Margaritas are best served in one of our Margarita style cocktail glasses or Martini glasses, from our cocktail glasses collection. To get this cocktail just right, you need to make sure you dress the glass with some salt all around the rim. To help you with this, why not add a glass rimmer to your cocktail making kit. The glass rimmers are also from leading barware specialists Beaumont.

Pina Colada

mocktail making kit

If you are a fan of coconut and sweet things, this is probably your favourite! Made once again with white rum, cream of coconut or coconut milk, and pineapple juice served or blended with loads of ice. Originally from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

All you need to do is throw in all the ingredients into the Boston glass from the cocktail making kit, add lots of ice, then cover with the Stainless Steel Boston can and shake.

This long cocktail is perfectly presented in one of our hurricane shaped cocktail glasses from our cocktail and gin range of glassware. Don’t forget to top off with straws (paper or metal) and a cocktail umbrella!


cocktail making kit

Otherwise known as the ‘Cosmo’ this cocktail has a vodka spirit base, Cointreau or orange liqueur, cranberry juice and fresh lime juice. It was originally a Martini and featured heavily in the popular 1990’s series, “Sex and the City”.

Just like the Pina Colada, add all the ingredients to the Boston glass from the cocktail making kit, add some crushed ice, then cover with the Stainless Steel can and shake, easy!

Serve this sweet and sour tasting cocktail in a Martini style cocktail glass. This one is perfect for parties.

One thing is clear, to make the perfect cocktail, not only do you need one of our easy to use cocktail making kits but you also need plenty of ice! We have a great range of ice making accessories to help you from our barware range.

If you’re thinking of going all out for a more professional cocktail making kit, we have a wide range available, starting with 7 piece sets, going up to 22 piece sets!

The 7 piece cocktail making kits are available in copper, gunmetal or vintage finish and are provided with their very own cocktail making bar kit bag. The cocktail making bar kit bag can also be purchased separately as an add on item or gift.

Looking for more Barware to add to your cocktail making kit? Then look no further! We have an extensive collection of bar equipment, tools and accessories to choose from. To make the perfect cocktails, you will need a selection of garnishes, check out our range of garnish trays and condiment dispensers.

Bar Drinkware

To really impress your guests, why not serve up your freshly made cocktails in a drinking vessel that’s a little different? We have a lovely collection of bar drinkware. Copper mugs, Martini glasses & tumblers, stainless steel tankards, cups, Moscow Mule and Tiki mugs.

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