Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses

reusable plastic wine glasses

Reusable plastic wine glasses are ideal for themed parties and special events. If you’re looking to drink wine in style at your home, then our reusable designs are a superb investment. You’ll be able to make them last for far longer than traditional glassware, and they won’t break. Because of this, you can give them to your guests in confidence, knowing you won’t have to clean any broken glass up. Also, that makes having a party at your home much safer, and you can reuse them again and again.

With reusable plastic wine glasses, you’ll get a convenient way to hold classy nights at your home. Our plastic glassware is scratch-resistant and highly durable. Not only that, but you can put each of them in the dishwasher when you finish, for a quick and simple clean. We offer the Econ range of polystyrene glasses as well, for a more affordable option. However, for a truly stunning set of plastic glasses, our Elite range comes in multiple dimensions and colours so you can impress any guests.

Why Choose Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses?

At home, there are few things more relaxing than pouring a glass of wine into a glass and unwinding on the sofa. However, if you have guests coming, then those stunning glasses become more of a risk. It only takes one slip or trip for the glass to break, forcing you to replace them at a high cost. That’s why, if you’re planning a party or a gathering, it could be wise to invest in plastic glassware. With Catering Products Direct, you’ll get reusable wine glasses that look authentic, so you create a classy atmosphere with fewer risks.

When someone inevitably drops their glass, it won’t shatter. Instead, you can pick it up and put it in the dishwasher, ready to go again when you need it. Our glasses use polycarbonate plastic, which is scratch-resistant and highly durable. That means it’s less likely to crack, and you can drop it from higher distances without worrying about it breaking. Also, you can make taking these glasses away safe and convenient with our glassware storage crates. They’re dishwasher-friendly so that you can wash your reusable plastic wine glasses securely!

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Can Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses Go in the Dishwasher?

Washing glasses can be a frustrating job – especially when you’ve had a lot of guests. That’s why we offer reusable plastic wine glasses that you can slot into your dishwasher when you’ve stopped using them. Because they use polycarbonate plastic, they won’t have any issue with the high temperatures of a dishwasher. Unlike glassware, which can shatter when you expose it to that kind of heat, the polycarbonate will maintain its shape. That way, it’ll come out as good as new, ready for the next use.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry about hosting a large gathering. Our glasses come in packs of six and twelve, so you can have small parties with only one purchase. For a more significant event or a themed party, you can order customisable glassware too! We offer our reusable wine glasses in several distinct colours, and with the option of 9, 11, 14 and 16oz designs. Also, if you have a party coming up, you don’t have to panic – we offer delivery between 2-3 working days on average.

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Do Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses Look Like Glass?

When you invest in our reusable plastic wine glasses, you’ll get the right look for your home. While they may not use any glass, your new investment will have an authentic appearance. That way, anyone coming over to your house for a glass of wine won’t be able to tell the difference – at least, until they drop them. Although they’ll look the same, the durability of our plastic glasses couldn’t be further apart from any glass.

Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses from Catering Products Direct

With our reusable plastic wine glasses, you’ll be investing in superb quality for your home. Not only that, but we can also offer these glasses if you run a business! These plastic designs are ideal for bars, pubs and clubs, and you could save money with their durability. Because our glasses are reusable designs, you won’t have to invest in new ones for years to come. Also, they won’t suffer from visible harm, so you’ll be able to use the glasses again and again for parties, gatherings and for looking good on your shelves.

Catering Products Direct is also the leading company for plastic glassware. We’re proud to have partnerships with several top celebrity chefs, media companies, and even concert venues. Our plastic wine glasses are exceptionally versatile, and you can use them for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, they improve safety and are less costly.

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Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses Prices

Invest in reusable wine glasses today, and get competitive prices from Catering Products Direct!

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