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Glass Measurement Guide - Glassware Storage - Correx® Box

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Height up to 120mm

Height range from 121mm to 145mm

Height range from 146mm to 195mm

Height range from 196mm to 245mm

Height range from 246mm to 295mm


Correx Boxes

Why Choose Our Correx Boxes?

It is vital to have reliable, strong and easy glassware storage boxes in the professional catering industry. Our Correx boxes offer an effective solution to keeping your glassware and fragile products from becoming damaged or broken.

We can offer a full range of Correx boxes in a variety of sizes for different types of glassware. Working closely with industry-leaders Genware, we can supply customers with high-performance products, specifically designed for the catering industry. Manufactured using the latest materials and techniques, our Correx boxes are robust and long-lasting.

At Catering Products Direct, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a fantastic service every time. We use our expertise and experience to ensure you receive the best Correx boxes for your needs, to guarantee a satisfying solution to your storage conundrum. Knowing that your glassware is stored safely in a compact and neat way will give you the peace of mind needed when it comes to running your professional catering business.

Do Our Correx Boxes Have Lids?

To ensure that your glassware is stored safely and without risk, we manufacture our Correx boxes with lids. Not only with this offer added protection, but it also eliminates unwanted dust collecting in your glassware during periods of storage.

Our range of Correx boxes come with a choice of two lids, both of which will fit any Glassjack box design. These lids are sturdy, allowing you to stack boxes on top of one another for optimal storage space, as well as protecting fragile items stored inside.

Our Correx lids make it easy to transport your glassware from one location to another without the need for excessive packaging which often leads to waste. We provide a straight-forward and useful solution for your glassware storage needs to make sure it’s as simple and easy as possible.

What are Correx boxes made from?

Our Correx boxes are manufactured using durable plastic to ensure they are lightweight and low maintenance. The design of our Correx boxes means that customers will have the ability to add or remove the number of dividers within each box so that they can configure them to fit and secure any size of glassware. This provides an excellent way of preventing damage due to them having enough space apart inside of the Correx boxes without the need for bubble wrap or tissue paper.

Unlike cardboard boxes or flimsy materials, our Correx glassware storage boxes are made from robust polypropylene which is resistant to damage by poor weather conditions such as rain. Our boxes won’t weaken over time so that they offer a durable and long-lasting solution that is safe to lift without the risk of the box collapsing or falling apart.

Plastic Correx boxes work well because they are dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean your glasses whilst keeping them safe and reducing the chance of breakage whilst being cleaned. These plastic boxes are strong and robust, meaning your glassware is less likely to become chipped or smashed throughout their day to day use, in particular, whilst being cleaned and stored.

Storing Your Glassware in Correx Boxes

Effective storage of glassware is simple with our Correx Boxes as it limited the risk of broken stock and therefore saves you money in the long run as you won’t be replacing broken goods.

Glasses should always be stored the correct way up in their boxes to reduce the risk of breakage. This is true in particular for wine glasses where the fragile stems may break if not stored correctly. Storing your glasses the right way up also makes them easier to access and take from the boxes when you need them.

You may wish to give larger glassware extra protection by wrapping it in paper or tissue, especially when transporting them, however, our Correx storage boxes will ensure that they are safe when being moved from one location to another.

Our Correx storage boxes are competitively priced in order to provide you with exceptionally high quality at affordable prices. We believe that everyone in the professional catering industry should be able to benefit from superior glassware storage that keeps their glasses safe and secure when not in use.

How much do Correx Boxes cost?

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our highly competitive Correx box prices. We pride ourselves on offering highly competitive prices to all of our customers. We look forward to helping you bring the best products to your catering projects. Investing in our high-quality Correx boxes will mean saving money in the long term as we can guarantee that your glassware will never be more secure.

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