Small Plastic Jug 750ml Blue with Lid

£4.80 Inc .VAT
£4.00 Excl .VAT

  • Material : Polycarbonate
  • Strength : Virtually unbreakable
  • Glass Washer Safe : Yes
  • Life Span : Over 1000 Cycles
  • Top Width : 110mm
  • Bottom Width : 80mm
  • Overall Height : 145mm
  • Weight : 150g
  • Capacity : 705ml/75cl/25oz
  • CE Marked : N/A
  • Colour : Transparent Blue
  • Colour Options : Red Lid, Green Lid, Orange Lid, White Lid
  • Printable : Yes
  • Reusable : Yes
  • Recyclable : Yes
  • Size Options : N/A
  • For our economy range of reusable plastic glassware please click on this link Econ Reusable Plastic Glasses.


Manufactured in the UK by BBP

Product Details

Sold in multiples: 1

Product Code: GJ-LPWJ0001

Units: Each


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Small plastic water jug with lid, transparent blue.

Made from strong, reusable polycarbonate plastic, this plastic jug would be ideal for use as a bedside jug.  The jug is tilted, making pouring easier and graduations on the handle making it easy to use if you are left or right-handed.

Made from durable and easy to clean polycarbonate plastic,  the water jugs do not cloud or scratch and the lids fit well so it will fall off or break.

If used in care homes and hospitals, different coloured lids can also be used to highlight patients that are in danger of dehydration.  A coloured lid can easily show a nurse or a health care support worker on a busy ward, which patients they should be monitoring for fluids.  Choose from blue, red, green, orange or white.

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